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Create seamless sales across all channels and delight your customers with a truly frictionless checkout experience.

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Optimize the heart of your retail chain

From our extensive retail experience, we know that each store and its POS software is the true heart of every retail chain. Our innovative retail software and tailored tools optimize the in-store experience for both customers and staff, enabling true unified commerce.

  • Secures future retail success
  • Unified customer experience
  • Cloud-native infrastructure
  • Speed and scalability

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Shopping Experience products:

Hii Checkout

Hii Checkout

A cloud-native POS platform for seamless shopping journeys.
Scan & Go

Scan & Go

Frictionless and contactless self-service shopping app.
Click & Collect

Click & Collect

Unmatched convenience with personalized remote shopping.
Item Recognition

Item Recognition

Provide a fast, safe and smooth checkout experience.
Shopping list

Shopping List

Engage customers and enable true frictionless shopping.
Self Checkout

Self Checkout

Engage customers and enable true frictionless shopping.

Self Scan

A self-scanning software providing unmatched checkout speed.
Impact CTRL

Self Service Loss Prevention

Protect your store and prevent theft with AI.
Mobile POS

Mobile POS

Revenue-driving Mobile POS solutions.

Powerful integrations, strong reliable solutions and a modern interface

Our POS (Point-of-Sale) and checkout solutions are flexible and interactive. Equipped with an open architecture, they’re easy to integrate with third-party software. Our large selection of interconnected products - including customizable POS software, mobile POS solutions, various self-service solutions and tools for store management - enable ongoing optimization of store operations based on factors such as customer flow and staffing. With our market-leading checkout technology, you’ll be able to enable your staff, and give your customers the shopping experience they deserve.

With pioneering solutions built on the latest cloud technology, the shopping experience becomes smoother and much more enjoyable.

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Creating possibilities for leading retail chains

Key features

A single cloud platform for all checkout experiences. It runs on the same engine regardless of whether the checkout is operated by staff or consumers, providing a unified experience. The platform delivers unified pricing and promotions regardless of channels, embedded as part of a personalised shopping journey

Endless delivery options

Home delivery, in-store pickup, or a combination, from any purchase location.

Comprehensive APIs

Enable a coherent, seamless experience and integrate your own devices or systems.

Checkout Engine

Guarantees a consistent user experience and pricing regardless of channel.

Attendant Tablet

Enables in-store control and surveillance over self-service channels.

Broad payment support

Supports all modern payment options through our partners in safe cash management.


Checkout Engine integration solution facilitates transparent operations between physical stores and e-commerce sites.

“Extenda Retail’s solutions are easy for our staff to learn and use. Our customers can change their journey exactly as they wish, they find the same checkout options in all of our store concepts – from hypermarkets to convenience stores – and can pay effortlessly, thanks to Extenda Retail.”

Nathalie Louis
Head of Customer Care & Checkout, Auchan Retail

“Coop Scan & Pay, developed with Extenda Retail, is the most convenient way of shopping today. The solution works behind the scenes and exists in the cloud, offering a super smooth and safe experience for our customers – we are really changing the market.”

Carita Weiss
Manager of Payments, Coop Sweden
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What does our SaaS model mean for your business?

Web-based software allows data to be accessed from any device with an internet connection and a web browser. Delivered as a subscription-based service, you’ll avoid long installation projects and costly software licensing.

  • Web-based applications
  • Quick & easy implementation
  • Access from any device
  • Automatic updates

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Some of our customer success cases

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Hii Retail: Plantagen’s choice of a modern & secure cloud-native POS checkout solution. Learn what sets Extenda Retail apart from our competitors.
Customer case – Auchan

Auchan Retail

Discover how Auchan Retail, the world’s 11th biggest retailer, created an efficient and seamless shopping experience with our POS and Checkout solutions.

Market-leading solutions for any industry

Industry – Pharmacy


With laws, regulations, and safety as cornerstones, we digitize modern pharmacy chains.
Industry – Fashion & specialized trade

Fashion & specialized trade

The perfect fit of flexible software solutions for retailers in this fast-paced industry.

Grocery & convenience

Enabling innovation and success for Europe’s leading grocery & convenience chains.

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