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Market-leading Pharmacy Software Systems for forward-thinking pharmacy chains.

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Our Pharmacy Software Systems are:



Our products are developed in close collaboration with our pharmacy customers, ensuring our solutions are of high quality and at the forefront of the industry.



We invest long-term in our product development for the pharmacy market, so you can be sure our solutions will continue to be competitive and future-proof.



Development focusing on efficiency, quality, smart and useful functionality – lowering the costs and enhancing the customer experience.

Pharmacy – Customers

Our system is certified by e-Health authorities, fulfilling legal and patient data safety requirements. It is fully compliant with GDPR, and registered as a National Medical Information System, in accordance with the EU Directive for Medical devices 93/42/EEG, at the Swedish Medical Products Agency.

Build your own pharmacy solution based on our standard products

Our pharmacy solutions are modular and can be easily integrated with other software solutions from Extenda Retail or other vendors.
Our Pharma Suite for outpatient pharmacies and Pharma Suite Dose for dose dispensing pharmacies/units consist of several components, tailored to meet pharmacy-specific needs and requirements.

Online shopping

Our plug-in Pharma Suite Online melts in with your e-commerce site. Online shoppers can buy prescribed medicines and other merchandise on the website in one go.

Click & Collect

Of course we have Click & Collect functionality built into our solution to offer the online customer multiple choices for pick up at convenient locations, i.e. in a pharmacy or other location alternatively providing home delivery around the customer's own schedule.
The level of service to the customer is up to you!

Enhanced customer experience through integrated systems

Optimise processes and improve the customer experience by combining our system modules. Pharma Suite (PS), Pharma Suite Online (PSO) and Pharma Order Management System (PhOMS) work perfectly together to seamlessly manage orders containing prescribed medicines and other goods.

  • PhOMS works for both the retail pharmacy and the e-commerce pharmacy
  • Click & Collect and fast home deliveries from the local pharmacy
  • E-commerce and outpatient pharmacy orders are easily managed and dispatched using PhOMS
  • As your business grows, PhOMS can be integrated with a complete WMS, such as NYCE.LOGIC

Our pharmacy software products:


Pharma Suite

-  for retail pharmacies

Pharma Order Management System

- for handling online orders

Pharma Suite Dose

- for dose production pharmacies/units

Pharma Suite Online

- for shopping prescribed medicines online

Pharma e-Verification System

- for e-verification and deactivation of articles

Creating possibilities for leading pharmacy chains

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