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Extenda Retail inspires retailers and logistics providers to go further through frictionless, game-changing software, which helps retailers grow their business and optimize staff and customer experience. With over 40 years as an industry leader in retail and logistics software development, hundreds of chains in over 37 countries across the globe utilize solutions by Extenda Retail.

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Bond Prospectus 

Bond Prospectus  Extenda Retail Holding 1 AB (Publ)
Listing of the Issuer's FRN senior secured SEK 1,000,000,000 bonds 2022/2027 on the Oslo Stock Exchange


Financial reports

Annual reports:

  • 2023 Extenda Retail Holding 1 AB (publ) (English) (Svenska)
  • 2023 Extenda Retail Holding 1 AB (publ) - Revisionsberättelse  (Svenska)
  • 2022 Extenda Retail Holding 1 AB (publ) (English) (Svenska)
  • 2021 Extenda Retail Holding 1 AB (publ) (English) (Svenska)
  • 2020 Extenda Retail Holding 1 AB (publ) (English) (Svenska)

Interim reports:

  • Extenda Retail Holding 1 AB (publ) Interim Report Q1 2024 (English)
  • Extenda Retail Holding 1 AB (publ) Interim Report 2023 Q4  (English)
  • Extenda Retail Holding 1 AB (publ) Interim Report 2023 Q3  (English)
  • Extenda Retail Holding 1 AB (publ) Interim Report 2023 Q2  (English)
  • Extenda Retail Holding 1 AB (publ) Interim Report 2023 Q1 (English)
  • Extenda Retail Holding 1 AB (publ) Interim Report 2022 Q4 YE (English)
  • Extenda Retail Holding 1 AB (publ) Interim Report 2022 Q3 (English)
  • Extenda Retail Holding 1 AB (publ) Interim Report 2022 Q2 (English)
  • Extenda Retail Holding 1 AB (publ) Interim Report 2022 Q1 (English)

Financial calendar

Report / event


Q2 2024 Extenda Retail Holding 1 AB (publ) - Interim Report  

Upcoming: August 30, 2024



The Code of Conduct policy below is the cornerstone of our commitment to compliant and responsible decision-making. The code establishes clear standards for ethical conduct, legal compliance, and social responsibility, shaping a culture of integrity and transparency. By adhering to these guidelines, we navigate the complexities of the global business landscape while ensuring our actions align with the values and expectations of our diverse stakeholders.

We also set high standards for our suppliers and have a code of conduct for this. In brief, it means that our suppliers are expected to conduct their business responsibly in accordance with the principles outlined in the code.



At Extenda Retail, we want to make a difference. Our mission? To be a positive influence in society. How? We provide cutting-edge cloud-native services that not only keep data and infrastructure safe but also actively work towards shrinking our environmental footprint – both ours and our customers'.

But that's not all. We take our commitments seriously, aiming to meet the high expectations of our stakeholders. How? By focusing on long-term sustainability, maintaining solid profitability, and building strong relationships with our customers. We're not just partners; we're responsive and responsible ones, always striving to better ourselves.

It's not just about work. We believe in fostering personal growth and well-being in the workplace, encouraging everyone to bring their best selves to the table. Personal commitment drives us toward our shared goals and visions.


Investor news

News – Revision aquisition

Extenda Retail acquires Re-Vision


Iberia Sports Retail Group partners with Extenda Retail

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