NRF 2022 Recap & Highlights

View this insight session on NRF 2022 Recap & Highlights to discover the key trends that transpired at the 2022 NRF Retail Show.

  • 18 February 2022
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Hosted by retail and supply chain experts from Extenda Retail and Capgemini, this recap breaks down the key NRF highlights. Those who traveled to NRF will get more in-depth information about trends that transpired at January’s event, and enable those who didn’t get to travel to NRF this year to get access to these insights. Sign up today, and join us as we explore the key retail and supply chain trends that will enable success now – and in the future.

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Discover the key trends that transpired at this year’s NRF Retail Show.

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Meet the speakers


Jonas Bergström

Head of Product Marketing, Extenda Retail


Hansa Andersson

Director Retail Market Segment Scandinavia, Capgemini

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