WMS Trends 2020

View our insight session: WMS Trends 2020 and learn about the key trends in WMS and 3PL. This session covers in-depth insights from world-leading 3PLs, retailers and supply chain experts, and you will learn about trends dominating the WMS industry.

  • 17 November 2020
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This insight session has an informative agenda with new material, never-before-shared presentations, practical examples of WMS solutions that super-charge businesses, and live demos of digital WMS solutions that are rising in popularity.


  • Introduction – way forward for WMS industry
  • Shifting consumer behavior & the pressure placed on the digitalization journey
  • Key trends – and their importance
  • Examples of how NYCE.LOGIC’s current and future solutions will take warehouse management to the next level
  • Deep dive into future trends on the rise: Human/machine integration, API first, supergrid logistics and much more
  • Q&A

If you have any questions regarding WMS after viewing this session, please get in touch with our team!

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Meet the speakers


Olof Henriksson

Sales Executive at Extenda Retail


Mattias Nygren

Head of Product Development at NYCE.LOGIC

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