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A platform born in the Cloud, Hii (High Intensity Intelligent) Retail allows retailers to seamlessly orchestrate shopping journeys across physical & digital channels to attract and delight customers.

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Increase resilience and exceed customer expectations

The most successful retail businesses are those that combine their physical and digital worlds. The Hii Retail Cloud Platform creates a fluid, channel-agnostic experience that puts the customer in focus - so-called unified commerce. It includes shopper and store-facing services, covering Checkout, Personalisation, Loyalty and more. Cloud technology turns your store into a key asset and seamlessly merges technology to enable a wide variety of shopping experiences.

  • Frictionless and flexible shopping
  • Channel-agnostic experiences
  • Integrates to current ecosystem
  • Build-on approach for smooth integrations
  • Record-fast time-to-market

More key features

Hii Retail Cloud Platform products:

Hii Checkout

Hii Checkout

A cloud-native POS platform for seamless shopping journeys.
Hii Checkout

Hii Checkout

A cloud-native POS platform for seamless shopping journeys.
Scan & Go

Scan & Go

Frictionless and contactless self-service shopping app.
Click & Collect

Click & Collect

Unmatched convenience with personalized remote shopping.
Item Recognition

Item Recognition

Provide a fast, safe and smooth checkout experience.
Attendant app

Attendant App

Increase staff efficiency with remote checkout access.
Shopping list

Shopping List

Engage customers and enable true frictionless shopping.
Mobile POS

Mobile POS

Revenue-driving Mobile POS solutions.

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Key features

Accelerate your business’ digital transformation and enable true unified commerce through Hii Retail Cloud Platform, while delivering an even better service to your customers. To learn more about how our Hii Retail Cloud Platform enables robust and secure retail, read our FAQ.

Speed to market

Speed to market

Develop your own user interface, or use ours, and we can efficiently build components that are designed to extend your existing core systems. Solutions include our Hii Checkout, Scan & Go, Click & Collect, Attendant App, Item Recognition and Shopping List, which are all created with open architecture and headless APIs, enabling super-fast implementation.


Partnership with Google Cloud

Through the Google Cloud, we build cloud-native, API-first, value-adding, incremental components faster than ever before. You can plug these components into our technology, or integrate it with existing technology from another software vendor. As a result, you can enjoy increased flexibility, agility and improved speed-to-market from concept to store roll-out.


Built for security

Built on Google’s secure-by-design cloud infrastructure, our Hii Retail Cloud Platform solutions employ an in-depth architecture to safeguard the integrity and privacy of your data. We adhere to industry-standard security frameworks, including ISO/IEC 27000:2018, maintaining rigorous security controls in our software development and SaaS operations.

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