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Stay ahead of the curve with leading software tailored to grow large grocery & convenience chains.

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Creating possibilities for leading grocery & convenience chains

Solutions tailored to the grocery & convenience industries:

Solution – Hii Retail Cloud Platform

Cloud-Native Retail Platform

Enable next-generation retail operations.
Solution – In-store & Checkout

Shopping Experience

Optimize the heart of your retail chain.

Warehouse Management

Accelerate growth and reduce complexity with industry-leading WMS.

Customer Loyalty & Engagement

Build loyalty and client satisfaction.
Solution – ExtendaGO

POS & Backoffice for SMBs

POS & back office for single stores and chains.

Facilitating convenience

We believe the convenience sector will see significant growth and are committed to helping the industry transform and embrace these new opportunities.

Our solutions are built to tackle the complexities of the industry and offer a series of tailored applications and integrations - creating a convenient experience for both staff and consumers.

  • Manage, prepare, and serve relevant and seasonal fresh food
  • Optimize and personalize the checkout experience
  • Streamline inventory and order management

Evolving the grocery industry together

The grocery industry is ever-changing, and merchants are under tremendous pressure to quickly respond to new consumer demands. An increasing need for shorter time-to-market leaves no room for software downtime.

We have created solutions for large grocery and convenience chains for more than 35 years, and are proud to say that we truly know the industry and its challenges. Together with leading grocery chains, our solutions are constantly developed, tested and refined - we have seen first-hand how small improvements in efficiency can create significant profitability gains. That’s why our solutions for groceries are designed to be robust and dependable but also intuitive and flexible.


Enabling grocery & convenience excellence

Delight customers _ staff

Delight your customers

Transform your customer journey across all touchpoints, creating a unified, seamless and personal shopping experience.

Future-proof technology

Future-proof technology

Our cloud-based solutions evolve with the latest technology, keeping your business ahead of the competition.

Always a perfect fit

Always a perfect fit

With a hardware-agnostic design and open architecture, our solutions are customizable to match your brand and needs.

Level up with leading grocery & convenience chains

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Hii Retail: Plantagen’s choice of a modern & secure cloud-native POS checkout solution. Learn what sets Extenda Retail apart from our competitors.
Customer case – Auchan

Auchan Retail

Discover how Auchan Retail, the world’s 11th biggest retailer, created an efficient and seamless shopping experience with our POS and Checkout solutions.

Create next-generation shopping experiences.

Learn how the latest retail technology can upgrade your business!