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A warehouse that supports the business and its sales channels is key to creating long-term success for e-commerce and retail companies.

NYCE.LOGIC WMS enables true omnichannel operations and helps retail businesses take complete control of inventory management in one solution, regardless of channel - orders, purchases, administration, invoicing, customer management, time accounting, returns, inventory and beyond. It offers agility and scalability to match varying order volumes and removes IT support as a limitation for logistics development.

Key figures for major Nordic retailer Kjell & Co since the implementation of NYCE.LOGIC:

  • 50% increased efficiency in pallet picking
  • 85% increased package picking efficiency
  • 80-90% increased picking efficiency in small picks
  • 14 times more orders per pick round in B2C pick
  • Reduction from 800 m2 entrance sun to 80 m2 in lift machines

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Better solutions

Better solutions

To ensure maximized efficiency and quality, our WMS is developed for PDAs, tablets, Pick By Voice, vertical storage lifts, warehouse machines and shuttle systems among other warehouse equipment to work in a synchronized manner.

Quick training

Quick training

With our user-friendly interface, processes and step-by-step task management become easy. NYCE.LOGIC WMS allows staff to get productive in minutes rather than days. It helps employees produce more efficiently while reducing the risk of picking and packing errors.



NYCE.LOGIC WMS offers agility and scalability to match varying order volumes and removes IT support as a limitation for logistics development. Our tool is used by multichannel retailers with daily orders ranging from 100 to 45,000.

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Warehouse Management

Accelerate growth and reduce complexity with leading WMS.
Pick by voice

Pick by Voice

Boost efficiency, minimize errors and improve ergonomics.
Warehouse automation

Warehouse Automation

Streamline processes with AI, robotics and machine learning.
Warehouse planning

Workforce Planning

Forecast, organize and optimize your workforce.
Warehouse integration

Warehouse Integration

Enable a seamless flow of internal operations.

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