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Self Service Loss Prevention

Enhance retail security with Self-Service Loss Prevention technology

In retail, trust is good - but control is better.

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Empower your business with Machine Learning technology to effectively harness shrinkage impact, leading the way in a transformative approach to self-service retail loss prevention

Self-Service Loss Prevention identifies shopping patterns leading to theft at a store level and assigns an individual probability of theft to every self-service customer in the store. Theft probabilities are updated in real-time for every step of the customer journey!

Shrinkage in retail

Shoplifting is the leading cause of shrinkage in retail. Research conducted by ECR on 140 million self-service (Scan & Go and Self-Checkout) transactions from different stores & suppliers shows that theft’s impact on retail losses has been underestimated for years

  • 2.8% of all store transactions contained at least one error
  • 9 out of 10 times a self-service transaction with over 100 items contains errors
  • 18% average higher shrinkage rate in stores with Scan & Go or Self Checkouts
  • 60% of the time shoppers with over 50 items made at least one error
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Take control of your store transactions by leveraging your data against fraud.

Self Service Loss Prevention pools information from available resources identifies fraud patterns, and learns based on those patterns - uncovering, on average, over twice the number of transaction errors during random checks than traditional measures.

Fully GDPR compliant - targets transactions, not individuals.

The platform offers customizable parameters that can be automatically adjusted based on store crowd-level. It detects fraud-sensitive products as well as checkout devices, calculating a personalized risk percentage and advising whether a partial or a full rescan is recommended to minimize theft.

The 360° strategy to reduce retail shrinkage and maximize profits

  • Understand the main causes of shrinkage.
  • Identify the gaps in your current operations.
  • Recognize the signs of a good loss prevention strategy.
  • Learn about the market-leading technologies that counter shrink.

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Retail shrinkage prevention strategies

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