Customer Loyalty & Engagement

Engage your customers, and let shoppers enjoy the experience they deserve.

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Provide relevant offers and reach customers in the right channels - boosting sales and customer satisfaction.



Combining powerful technology with effective implementation of clever processes will enable business success.

Retail experience

Retail experience

Give the in-store staff the insights they need to provide the experience your customers deserve.

Make it personal with your customers

Customer Engagement & Analytics collects and manages customer data in a 360° view. Our Loyalty products include Relevate, Retail Analytics and our Loyalty App, which lets you automate, analyze & execute based on high-quality data.

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Customer Loyalty & Engagement products:

Attendant app

Attendant App

Increase staff efficiency with remote checkout access.


Build customer loyalty through data-driven personalization.
Retail Analytics

Retail Analytics

Intuitive business intelligence, analytics and reporting.

Our Customer Engagement solutions are designed to:

Connect with customers

Build long-term customer relationships.

Understand your clients

by leveraging high-quality data.

Make it personal

Customize offers for each individual.

Boost satisfaction

Grow the list of loyal and happy customers.

Drive repeat purchases

Encourage sales from returning clients.

Increase brand value

Let exceptional service speak for itself.

Market-leading solutions for any industry

Industry – E-com


Succeed with a WMS that supports your sales channels and scales to changing demand.
Industry – Wholesale

Industry & wholesale

Maintain efficiency while keeping costs down with cloud-based NYCE.LOGIC WMS.
Industry – 3PL


Our WMS optimizes 3PL operations, generating growth in dynamic environments.

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