Retail Analytics

Business intelligence tailored for retailers

A cloud-native business intelligence solution to level up your business.

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  • Built with Looker, a Google technology
  • Intuitive business intelligence
  • Advanced machine learning

More key features

Retail Analytics is a cloud-native business intelligence tool fully integrated with Relevate. It enables interactive reporting, in-store analytics and KPI measurement. The intuitive platform provides insights and analyses through predefined sheets, and is designed to help you improve the customer experience based on real-time, accurate data. Retail Analytics is developed with Looker, a Google technology.


Specific dashboards for sales, customers, communications, and data sheets.


Facilitates filters such as purchase and customer attributes, campaigns, products, stores, web- and in-store analytics.

Presentations & reports

Drag & drop report building with live graphs, export functionality and automation through scheduled reports.

Machine learning

Includes machine learning support for BigData, Google Dataflow and Predictions.


Amplify your data analysis with connections to additional data sources through Retail Analytics.

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