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In-Store & Checkout – Mobile POS

Allow your staff to checkout customers and accept payments anywhere in the store 

The Extenda Mobile POS app enables your in-store staff to complete a full sales transaction by the fitting room, product shelf or any other location convenient for the consumer. This helps retailers to quickly increase checkout capacity without losing precious floor space, and could facilitate a quick opening of for example a pop-up store with minimum infrastructure and effort.

Enjoy the whole experience regardless of the touch point

Our Mobile POS system runs on both iOS and Android, and communicates with a local or cloud-based central Transaction Engine over Wi-Fi or mobile network. It inherits all business rules, flows, promotions, prices and items as everything else we offer, the customer and cashier will enjoy the same consistent experience regardless of the touch point. With our innovative payment server, you can use the same payment service provider across all channels.

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Key features

A payment solution tailored to your customers.


Our Mobile POS system enables staff to accept payments anywhere in your store, on the market square or in a pop-up store.


Reduce long and frustrating queues by using the Mobile POS to accept payments anywhere the customers are.

Omnichannel payments

Regardless of what device is used in the actual payment, the same payment provider is facilitated across the board.

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