How to Make Shopping Safe –

Coronavirus Retail strategy, tips & checklist

Ensuring your retail business practices safety in the current shopping landscape

With the global retail industry recently experiencing unprecedented changes in consumer behaviour due to the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic, retailers around the world are facing new challenges and demands. 

For retailers today, one of the main priorities is to make shopping safe, both for their staff and customers. At Extenda Retail, we understand that our leading global retailer clients currently focus heavily on Coronavirus Retail Strategy, to protect the safety and welfare of the communities they serve. Coronavirus Disease is introducing fast changes and uncertainty, and we are here to provide help and support, at every step of the way. 

Making shopping safe with unique retail solutions

With our no-touch/one-touch checkout options, we offer retailers a rapid deploy solution to capture in-store sales and returns in a safe, fast and accurate manner.  

With the Extenda Retail Mobile POS, Scan & Go/Self Scan, and Self Checkout solutions, shoppers can checkout with no physical interaction – or alternatively minimal physical interaction. Our single, unified transaction engine is hardware-independent, and is supported by all of the major hardware manufacturers as standard, which facilitates fast deployment. 

Additionally, our Pick & Collect solutions make ordering from home to collect in-store fast, smooth, and safe.

Last but not least, the Extenda Retail Attendant Tablet is a safe way to enable your in-store staff, as it facilitates remote monitoring and interacting with Self Service and POS stations via an app on a smartphone or tablet. 


Coronavirus retail illustrated by Shopping trolley with mask

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Practising safe retail – Checklist for retailers

Safeguarding customer & staff health and safety

  • Disinfection routines and sanitising – Employ in-store measures to protect your customers at all times, by for instance increasing disinfection routines, adding hygiene signage etcetera. Placing sanitising products with instructions around all critical areas (any checkout machines, and self checkouts particularly) enable customers and staff to take responsibility and disinfect their hands and any equipment used before & after interacting with your equipment.
  • Distancing – Help customers and staff practice social distancing by providing signage about appropriate distance between shoppers (1,5 metres). This can be done by providing marking on the shop floor, and is especially important in checkout queues. If you have digital screens in your store, publish relevant messages on these as needed.
  • Safe checkouts – Self-Scan, Mobile POS, Scan & Go and Self Checkout solutions like our own POS & Checkout products help shoppers complete purchases with minimal physical interaction. Additionally, placing sanitising products at each Self Checkout will further encourage your customers to take safety measures to protect themselves and others. Instruct your staff to sanitise machines that your customers touch frequently.
  • Enabling flexibility and safety Pick & Collect solutions make ordering from home to collect in-store both safe and convenient. For individuals in quarantine or those who need to avoid spending time in-store, online ordering & in-store pick up is vital. This service helps people in risk groups to get the exact order they want faster, and if they have someone helping them with the in-store pick up, you can help them to stay home, and stay safe.
  • Providing safe digital payment options – Simplified digital payments will help you keep sales going, and reduce unnecessary social interaction. Additionally, it reduces the number of times your customers or staff have to touch in-store checkout machines, as payments are completed on the customer’s own device. Mobile payments such as Swish, Vipps or Klarna enable customers to pay from home or in-store using their own device, and easily transfer money to others as needed.
  • Communication is key – Use your social media or shopping apps such as our Customer Cloud solution to communicate the measures you are taking, and what safety procedures are in place. Ensure that you highlight the support available to locked-down communities or individuals who are not able to shop themselves, such as Pick & Collect, deliveries etcetera.  
  • Help those in quarantine stay safe – Shareable shopping lists provide essential support for those in quarantine. With Extenda Retail’s Shareable shopping list, your customers can pre-list their wanted items, and share their shopping list with others who can complete the purchase in-store, and then take the products.
  • Safe delivery – If you are providing home delivery to your customers, ensure both staff and customers are kept safe. Instruct shoppers to not open the door until after shopping items have been dropped off, and provide a digital signature service for your staff – this way they can collect the “items received” signature without physically interacting with too many customers.
  • Staff health – Staff members should not work if they are unwell. Facilitating temperature checks and training your staff on disease prevention awareness will be hugely beneficial, and is appreciated by both employees and shoppers. 
  • Working equipment – Ensure your staff has a safe working environment. Placing protective screens in your manned checkouts is an option to remove the risk of checkout staff being in contact with customers shopping in your store. Intensifying disinfection routines will also help anyone spending time in your stores to stay safe and healthy.
  • Remote & Contactless customer assistance – With solutions such as our Attendant tablet, you can enable your staff further. It enables staff to monitor and interact SCOs and POS stations through a smartphone or tablet app. Through its notifications and messaging systems, your employees can assist customers with age verification, product identification, calls for assistance and much more, regardless of where staff is located in the store. 

  • Materials & clothing – Provide appropriate materials such as protective clothing, masks, sanitising products and other items as required.
  • Travel – Postpone any unnecessary business travel for staff members to minimise the risk of your employees becoming ill.

Safe shopping starts with us all

COVID-19 is presenting extraordinary challenging times that highlights the importance of community, cooperation, and retail trust. Under these circumstances, you can rely on Extenda Retail’s dedicated team of experts to support your needs – and in extension help you in supporting your shoppers. Our software is designed for the global retail community, and our secure systems enable you to support your local customers. 

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