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Report: Top 3 WMS Trends

Follow these trends for a successful WMS Strategy.

Read our report to learn what trends to consider for a successful WMS (Warehouse Management System) strategy. 

The warehouse management industry has enjoyed huge technological advances during the last decades, and WMS solutions such as our Pick by voice, Automation and Integration tools now enable a seamless flow for internal processes and end-users. 

Download this report created by Extenda Retail’s WMS Experts and discover the key WMS trends. Learn how macro factors such as COVID-19, new technology and a changing world have impacted the industry, and explore how NYCE.LOGIC’s strategy keeps the solution at the forefront of the industry.

Main topics:

  • Introduction
  • The evolution of the warehouse: Then & Now
    – Shifting consumer behaviour: Digitalisation
    – Shifting consumer behaviour: Customer Expectations
  • Key WMS trends
    – Trend 1: Digitalisation & Automation
    – Trend 2: Traceability
    – Trend 3: Forecasting & Planning
  • How NYCE.LOGIC adheres to trends
    – NYCE.LOGIC & Hii Retail
    – Dynamic Picking Proposal
    – Workforce Planning
    – Generic Automation Engine
  • Conclusion: Future trends

Download Report:


Tune in to our on-demand Webinar exploring similar topics. Learn more about current and future WMS trends directly from our experts.

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Consumption habits and behaviour are changing more than ever. In our report Changes in retail due to COVID-19 & future retail you can read our analysis on the tremendous impact that the pandemic has had on retail.

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