WMS for pharmacy chains

Accuracy and transparency for Pharmaceuticals

Searching for a complete Warehouse Management System that responds to the logistical challenges of companies in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry?

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With a solid customer portfolio in Pharma, NYCE.LOGIC is a market-leading WMS that drives the industry towards digitalization, with outstanding software and UX designed to facilitate the management of prescription drugs and medical equipment.

NYCE.LOGIC has been on the cutting edge of developing solutions for the Nordic pharmacy market since the market re-regulation in Sweden in 2009.

Accuracy and transparency for Pharmaceuticals

With the right WMS technology, it’s easy to process and securely transfer digital information across the whole supply chain, achieving transparency and accuracy. The solutions provided by NYCE.LOGIC are designed to meet the laws, regulations and quality requirements. Our outstanding UI provides clear insights for all management levels and optimizes inventory management.

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We are trusted by leading pharmaceutical groups

Safer storage & transport

Our WMS provides you with real-time data to keep track of important, time-sensitive information of pharmaceutical products. Ensure optimal storage conditions, control contamination risks, minimize transit times and stay on top of drug expiration dates – enabling you to reduce waste, save money and ensure the safety of goods.

Master your toughest challenges

Eliminate bottlenecks and stay one step ahead with full control of your warehouse operations – NYCE.LOGIC helps you predict peak moments, optimize delivery times and track inventory levels, in compliance with industry regulations and at the lowest cost!

“We wanted to create a seamless and improved flow in our supply chain – secure and compliant with regulations. NYCE.LOGIC WMS has enabled us to continuously optimize and improve our warehouse processes, and the team has excelled with their state-of-the-art WMS offer and expert advice, helping us on our journey towards digitization.”

Tailor-made WMS for pharma

  • Full compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Real-time product information and expiration dates
  • Customizable notifications and alerts
  • Complying with security standards
  • Stock levels
  • Full, omnichannel control
  • Optimized delivery times
  • Leading UX
  • Web-based
  • Customer-centric, agile software

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