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The perfect Warehouse Management System to get your logistics up to speed.


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Fuel growth and reduce complexity with Extenda Retail’s NYCE.LOGIC WMS.

If you are a retailer, wholesaler, or 3PL company, chances are that you are storing inventory in one or more locations that fulfils the need for physical product within your or your customer’s supply chain. If so, then we should talk. Today.

The warehouse is a vital part of the supply chain, yet it is surprisingly often overlooked as a strategic asset. The significant sums of working capital that is tied-up between those four walls, the amount of equipment and labour that is deployed to service the needs of an ever-increasing demand for product, and the high investment in the purchase and maintenance of the building itself, surely warrants high attention? An efficient warehouse provides a tremendous opportunity to fuel business growth, yet an inefficient warehouse with poor fill-rates can cause frustration to both store managers and customers.

Huge distribution warehouse using Warehouse Management System.

Extenda Retail’s NYCE.LOGIC Warehouse Management System (WMS) was built from the ground-up to solve this very problem. How do you drive equitable value from the investment in your physical supply chain?

At Extenda Retail we believe the answer is simple. By optimising the inbound flow of goods, maximising the use of finite resources within the four walls, we help protect and ultimately drive a return on invested capital, while simultaneously optimising outbound fulfilment to deliver on your promise.

We have been doing this for over twenty years, and we are a mid-market leader in the provision of WMS technology and consulting for 3PLs, retailers and pharmacy chains across Scandinavia.

Our standard NYCE.LOGIC Warehouse Management System offers tools to help our customers:

  • Manage inbound supply by planning intake into the yard, allocation of slots and resources, with flexible and comprehensive putaway algorithms, and the ability to cross-dock
  • Once inventory is stored efficiently in the warehouse, to then replenish and pick based on the most optimal algorithms to ensure that fill-rates are high, shrinkage is low and travel time around the warehouse is minimised. Fundamentally, the solution is built to maximise both sales, fulfilment and asset utilisation.
  • For 3PLs, to ensure that service levels are adhered to whilst executing, capturing and billing for all value-added services.
  • To make sure that picked inventory is packed, labelled and shipped in accordance efficiently and in compliance with regulatory requirements prior to the handover to the transportation function.

We know that the WMS application is a core that needs to be connected to an ecosystem of controllers and equipment.  With our expertise, we have utilised an open architecture that integrates quickly with third-party solutions, with standard integrations with the likes of AutoStore, out-of-the-box.

Our technology can be delivered as a traditional application or consumed through the Cloud. We have an outstanding track record of delivering value in weeks. If you want to take the next step in generating growth through your WMS, we can help you get there. 

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Our Warehouse Management products:


Top 3 WMS Trends 2021

Read our report to learn what trends to consider for a successful WMS (Warehouse Management System) strategy. 

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Key features of NYCE.LOGIC WMS:

Powerful tools

Great processes won’t elevate your supply chain on its own, you need the right tools. Extenda WMS is designed to work with mobile units, Pick By Voice and automation solutions.

Outstanding UX

With a user-friendly system, operations become simple. Rotating staff or new hires are productive within minutes rather than days and can produce with quality.


Is your business growing fast or do you have greatly varying seasons? Our WMS solution is used by omnichannel companies with a few hundred to tens of thousands of daily orders.

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Our WMS clients are able to:

  • Transform logistics into a source of competitive differentiation through increased agility
  • Scale operations rapidly
  • Improve warehouse efficiency and speed while increasing customer service levels by optimizing core warehouse functions
  • Increase inventory accuracy and labor productivity
  • Reduce costs of handling business change

The NYCE.LOGIC WMS is perfect for businesses who want full control of their warehouse, and want to improve their operations regarding IT-support within their warehouse. The system has been built for managing logistics and warehouses, and is custommade to make it happen. 

Our WMS enables strategic development plans for actual logistics improvement in efficiency, security and traceability.

Key features:

  • Built and designed by logistics professionals
  • Mobile interfaces for tablets, PDAs, forklift computers and smartphones
  • Voice directed, Pick By Voice or Pick By Light picking and task management
  • Single instance for multiple tenants and multiple warehouses
  • Yard Management module
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Warehouse Control System
  • Cross Docking System
  • Automation Solutions in restocking, frequency and inventory management
  • Optimising of picking routes and picking batches
  • Stocking suggestions
  • Web-based client portal
  • KPI dashboard

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WMS at Kjell & Company

In 2010, Kjell & Company experienced acute space shortage at its 7,000 m2 central warehouse.  
The company made the decision to invest in NYCE.LOGIC Warehouse Management System – years later and with over 50% in increased volumes, they remain in the same warehouse.   

Some of our customers:

A market leading WMS for 3PL

NYCE.LOGIC is the 3PL product of choice for most leading logistics companies in the Nordics within 3PL, that want to upgrade or improve their WMS support. At volumes where economies of scale are becoming apparent, or if the complexity of a customer assignment requires increased IT support, NYCE.LOGIC is the perfect tool for increasing the benefits of shared resources. 

With NYCE.LOGIC WMS, complex assignments can be solved with unique customer flows without costly customisation.


Read more about our WMS and the 3PL industry here


How we help customers accelerate growth

With over 20 years as a leading WMS supplier for leading 3PL companies in the Nordics, we have solved a large amount of logistics-related problems or issues for our customers, and this is evident both in our services, and products. Our mission is to make our customers succeed. For example, we have helped countless clients with:

  • Increasing revenue through our flexible billing module
  • Increasing customer benefits and billing through opportunities to easily track and follow up on value-added services
  • Offering ready-made integrations, alternatively build strong integrations through an integration engine
  • A fast and robust structure for the set of multiple clients and layers
  • Web-based services to give customers, suppliers and other external parties access to inventory questions and topics
  • Support for Pick By Voice, storage machines, control systems, automatic trucks, vertical storage lifts etcetera

And much more. 

A partner with the right experience and expertise

The 3PL industry is unique, and the NYCE.LOGIC WMS team knows it better than anyone. It requires short contracts, new assignments to be commissioned, full responsibility and traceability in every document and transaction.

Thanks to our long experience in the 3PL industry, our product and consultants can help take your business to the next level and accelerate growth. The knowledge we have gained along the way is the basis for everything we do, and that knowledge is made available to our clients when we together solve specific problems.

Warehouse Management System seen through an ipad.
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Our 3PL references:

E-commerce and retail

For many e-commerce and retail companies, having a warehouse supporting their business and its sales channels is a key condition for creating long term success. These businesses tend to grow rapidly, and sales fluctuate between seasons.  Having a WMS system which does not support the required logistics can end up becoming costly and problematic, as the warehouse ends up taking focus from growing the business and its warehouse logistics. 


A WMS for omnichannel

IT solutions that are extensive enough to handle tasks such as orders, purchases, administration, invoicing, customer management, time accounting, returns and inventory require compromises. We know what those compromises entail, and thanks to our system’s built in knowledge and expertise, the NYCE.LOGIC WMS tool enables retail businesses to take full control of inventory management in one solution, regardless of channel. Furthermore, it removes IT support as a limitation for logistics development.

  • Quick training
    With our user-friendly system, processes and step-by-step task management become easy. NYCE.LOGIC WMS enables your staff, as they can learn the system and start being productive in minutes rather than days. Additionally, it helps employees produce more efficiently, while removing the risk of picking and packing errors.
  • Scalability
    Are you running a fast growing business? NYCE.LOGIC WMS is used by multichannel retailers with a number of daily orders ranging from 100 to 45,000.
  • Better solutions
    To ensure maximised efficiency and quality, good processes and tools are required to work in a synchronised manner. NYCE.LOGIC WMS is readily developed for PDAs, tablets, Pick By Voice, vertical storage lifts, warehouse machines and shuttle systems among other warehouse equipment.

  • A competent partner
    Founded in the 1990s IT bubble, with a heritage from the Swedish region where logistics for e-commerce and retail is strongest, we have almost 20 years of industry expertise to offer.

WMS for industry & wholesale

Stock planners and staff often spend a majority of their time answering the same routine questions, and making the same decisions.

  • Which zones, corridors or articles should be inventoried?
  • Where should goods be placed?
  • What orders should be picked first?
  • How does this customer want us to pack the goods?

Let NYCE.LOGIC make the decisions

With the right IT support for inventory management, you can easily automate the decision-making processes to save money and, above all, save time. Automating your warehouse processes will save both you and your staff vast amounts of time, money and energy. By streamlining your warehouse processes, you will be able to spend time and efforts on completing other tasks such as developing inventory operations, to save even more money. It gives you time to ask yourself questions such as: Can I further increase efficiency, or improve delivery reliability to the customer?

NYCE.LOGIC WMS has complete functionality for using tools such as Pick By Voice and other automation solutions. Add-on modules with tools to increase customer benefit are easily available. If you want to change details in any flow at any time, you can complete the change yourself in a smooth manner, thanks to the system which has been developed to empower you and your staff. 

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Want to take the next step in your warehouse journey?

Let us show you what we can do – book a free demo with Tim Edgren (Pre-sales) or Johannes Puonti (Key Account Manager). Among others we will take you through how you can:

  • Remove IT as a barrier to your logistics development.
  • Work with a specialized partner who knows logistics.
  • Take part in the development of a rapidly growing user base, with the same challenges as you.

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