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Item Recognition

Enjoyable shopping by skipping the queues

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A winning combination of shorter queues, happier staff and delighted customers

Extenda Retail’s Item Recognition software creates enjoyable and frictionless shopping experiences, and helps retailers go further in offering a smooth customer journey. The solution works seamlessly for both manned checkouts and self-checkouts apps, allowing your staff and customers to quickly identify the products they're shopping for.

How does it work?

If a customer at a self-service checkout is purchasing for example fruit or vegetables, selecting the correct item typically requires navigation through multiple levels of menus. With Item Recognition, the item is quickly recognized and menu structures are bypassed. The customer saves time and avoids the stress of holding up queues.

With checkout cameras using Extenda Retail’s intelligent Item Recognition technology, your staff will have a shorter learning curve and a lower likelihood of errors at manned checkouts.

Additional advantages include opportunities for loss prevention and verification, made possible by our complementary solutions for the self-service environment: Self Service Loss Prevention theft prevention solution and Attendant App.

If an item is mislabeled or its barcode has changed, Item Recognition can detect the anomaly, and an alert to checkout assistants will be triggered on the Extenda Retail Attendant App or another device. Similarly, age-restricted items can be recognized automatically and prompt staff members for assistance.

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Key features

Increased efficiency

Recognize and select the correct item with ease in self-service and POS.

Loss prevention

Minimizes checkout errors and alerts staff with items that require intervention or assistance.

Enhanced customer experience

Speeds up the shopping journey and minimizes time in queues.

Wide implementation

Includes manned POS stations, Self Checkouts, Click & Collect and Mobile POS.

Short learning curve

Faster ramp-up time for staff managing manned POS stations.

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How unified commerce generates future success

Next-generation retailers combine the physical and digital worlds to create a fluid, channel-agnostic experience where the customer is in control. Item Recognition is part of our Hii Retail Cloud Platform - a cloud-native Software as a Service (SaaS) built on Google Cloud, designed to pioneer unified commerce.

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